Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Just a Trail Horse?"

I heard in passing the other day, someone saying their horse was "Just" a trail horse. REALLY? JUST a trail horse? Would you say your Dr. is "Just" a brain surgeon? Would you say your accountant is "JUST a numbers guy"? Let's break this down to it's barest level here. Show horses, as nice and pretty as they are are ridden on a set, prescribed course in a controlled environment. Granted, there are new horses and new places to show, but the show pen is always the same. Round and round and round. Trail horses, on the contrary must learn to adapt easily, and quickly to new experiences, and environments. You cannot control nature, so there is no telling WHAT you will see when you go out. A trail horse must exhibit self control, and extreme confidence. When the going gets tough, they have to have the guts to stay put. They have to be tough, to handle the varied terrain, as well as versatile enough to adapt to different situations. He must be smart enough to learn how to think for himself, yet reliable enough to trust your judgement. Great trail horses are not born, they are made.So, to sum up, trail horses rule, all the rest drool! I'm just kidding, I firmly believe that the more jobs a horse has, the better off he will be. He will be happier,steadier, HEALTHIER,and a better ride for it. I mean really, when you think of horseback riding, do you dream of going circles in an arena all day, or do you dream of being in the wilderness, experiencing nature the way God intended, on the back of a horse(or mule)? We all dreamt of the freedom that riding in the outdoors would bring us. Right? So, the next time you hear someone say they have "just" a trail horse, make sure to remind them that they are one of the lucky ones.

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