Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Sanctuary.  Its meaning stems back to biblical times.  A sanctuary has various meanings from being a designated holy place to a refuge for humans as well as animals.  For some, this comes as a need to want to offer help, be it monetary, or an offering of physical labor.   Finding a reputable sanctuary or rescue takes a bit of homework to ensure your donation has been used for the care of those animals in need.  Why a horse sanctuary?  According to Montana Horse Sanctuary, they believe in "positive options for both horses and handlers" by providing a safe sanctuary for horses in need, whether displaced from a loving home or turned over to law enforcement because of abuse or neglect.
     Recently, a rescue in Townsend, Montana was raided and over 25 horses were rescued by authorities.  The owners of Rocky Acres Horse Rescue and Sanctuary have been arrested and charged with 35 counts of animal cruelty. Monies that have been donated to this sanctuary were never used to care for these animals.  The sheriff's department of Broadwater County, Montana has requested help from Montana Horse Sanctuary in collecting donations from the public for the care of the seized animals from Rocky Acres Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.
     This is, however, not the norm for rescues.  A rescue itself is a wonderful concept. There are many, many rescues out there doing wonderful work. The good, far outnumber the bad. But, our advice is to look into it before you spend your hard earned money on it. Check with the local businesses and the Better Business Bureau, as well as the local authorities of the rescue/sanctuary you would like to donate.  There are many reputable charities out on the web, and with some researching and a few phone calls, you should be able to find out the reputation of that business.  Word of mouth is the best way, and not just the web.  Trust your instinct, and those that you speak with.  Doing your homework will save you money as well as heartache for the loss of an animal in someone's care who does not care!
  You can help those horses that were seized during the March 12th raid of Rocky Acres Horse Rescue and Sanctuary by contacting Board President Jane Heath at  
                                                   Montana Horse Sanctuary

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